"Updates - Jan.15.2006"

Christmas Campaign Draw Result


First, we’d like to wish everyone a happy and a successful new year!

The Christmas Campaign is a big success. We were able to boost up a lot of activities even during the special holiday season and a lot of team leaders were very happy with the result their team members have achieved.

The campaign has now come to an end and we have drawn 30 winners for each of the 4 groups. All winners have been sent a special email from us with an instruction to receive your prizes. If for any reason you’re unable to receive our emails, we have also posted the draw result online. If your Referral ID is on that table but you’re not getting an email from us with the instruction, please contact Gerardo at gerardo@reality-networkers.com and he’ll send you the steps to withdraw your prize.

If you’re not a winner or if you’ve missed your chance to participate in this campaign and would very much like us to have another, please also go to the campaign draw result page to give us your vote.

We will be able to negotiate better with all level 4+ members for more residual donations from their earnings through their team if we have higher votes/interests from all trial ~ level 3 members. So if you’d like your uplines/team leaders who are already making a lot of money from their teams to contribute a little to motivate the entire team, make sure you go and vote now.







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