"Updates - Jan.23.2006"

New Section Opened: Hot Programs


Reality-Networkers has always been a program to help members build a team of active networkers to take into different matrix-type of programs to profit.

However, after talking with several new level 4 members, we understand there are many non-matrix type of programs that are paying out really well and our members should definitely take advantage of.

While we do not wish to shift the attention of our members and change what defines us fundamentally, we feel that it is also very important to keep the members updated on the top paying programs out there. After all, this community is consist of 469,000+ members who are trying their very best to generate a nice income online and we should utilize this large network to get the information out to the member who does not have the privilege to such information.

Therefore, we have opened a new section called Hot Programs. All members are welcomed to post any non-matrix type programs there with a proof of money received from those programs.

We are very happy to see that not only have we been able to help our members to profit from many of the matrix-type programs out there, we’ve also taken the first step to help our members to generate more income from other types of programs.

As we move into our second year anniversary, we’d also like to expand into other areas to give more benefits to our members. If you have any good ideas and/or can take charge of the implementation of that idea, feel free to write to support@reality-networkers.com








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