"Updates - Jan.30.2007"

Referral Page has been improved & Campaign Result


We are getting a lot of heavy hitters lately. Many members have personally referred thousands of referrals into the team within a month. With the way Referral Page was originally designed, it’ll simply take too long to load for these members. Therefore, our programmers have made some changed to the Referral Page and now it should display a lot faster than before. So if you’re one of the heavy hitters, you’ll be able to view and work with your team better from now on.

Christmas Campaign result is also out. We have posted the winners on the Campaign Result page and have sent all winners an email notification. Due to privacy reasons, we have only posted the RefIDs there. If you did not receive the notification from us, make sure you go to the Result Page to check if your RefID is there.

Many high level members have also been working closely together to come up with various support system for their team that has been proven very effective. So if you ever feel your own sponsor/upline team is not there to support you and help you reach higher levels, don’t hesitate to send us an email to request a sponsor change. There are many active members happy to have you in their team and will do their best to turn you into a level 6 member too.

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.







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