"Updates - Feb.2.2010"

2009 Q4 Result is out & 5 New Reports Available


For those who haven't checked the campaign page yet, the campaign result for 2009 Q4 is out on Jan.15. We still have alot of people who haven't claimed their prizes yet so remember to check if your RN ID is on the list and do contact us for claim details if your RN ID is on the list.

We have also added 5 new Step by Step Reports. We'd like to encourage all members to use this chance to follow up on all of your personal referrals and invite them to check out the reports and continue to build the team together.

We have extended several new features for level 4 members to assist and work with their team members. If any of you trial & level 1 - 3 members did not receive any communication/assistance from your level 4 member within the next month, do send us an email and we will check into it to make sure your high level uplines are doing their tasks in supporting their team.

If any of you have any comments, or anything you'd like to see us to add to the member page for this new year, feel free to send an email to admin@reality-networkers.com





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