"Updates - Feb.12.2009"

10 New Step By Step Reports Added!


We have added 10 new Step by Step Reports from the RN Members who have been doing a great job referring new people in.

Here's a list of 10 new reports:

Report 50 Team Building Essentials
Report 49 Another report from Sweden!
Report 48 Tips on using Traffic Exchanges
Report 47 Promotion Emails that Work!
Report 46 Using Social Networks
Report 45 Thinking "outside the box"
Report 44 11 Refs in 9 days
Report 43 Different, but very effective
Report 42 Free Credit Based Safelist
Report 41 Massive Safelist Campaign

You may access them from the link "Must Read: Step by Step guide to complete your first task " under "Promotion Guide/Tools" category.

We highly, highly recommend all members to read these reports carefully as it outlines the exact method other members are using to achieve better result.

If you already have brought in enough people but your team isn't doing very well, this is a chance for you to re-establish communication with them by sending them a reminder to review these 10 new reports.





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