"Updates - Feb.22.2008"

Team Building System Add-on


As the membership soar over 1,690,000 and many leaders being built everyday, we've decided to add more features to make it easier for all leaders to manage their team.

Recently we have many leaders offering special fast-track system to their own downlines and require them to activate their membership prior to the 14 day trial period.

Normally, we do not allow this because we want all members to give this system a full 14 day trial to truly experience if the program is for them before they commit. However, after alot of requests from these Fast-Track leaders and their team members, we've decided to give all trial members an option to activate their membership prior to their trial expiry.

Now all trial members can find their upgrade link at the bottom of their Task Page.

We have added an Activate This Member button in the Referral Page. Team Leaders can now work out any deal/agreement with their team members and assist them with their upgrade directly if needed to.

The Team Leaders with more than 5 confirmed level 1 members in their referral list can now easily assign them to any one of their frontline members by going to their Task Page.

If you have any suggestions that you'd like to add to the site, feel free to let us know.







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