"Updates - Feb.23.2007"

Free Program Works!


As some of you know, there are members who may not have the ability to make their payment either because they're cannot afford the fee, or because their country is not allowed to sign up for a Paypal or E-Gold Account.

To assist these members, we have group together several Free Programs so that they can still have a chance to earn their membership fee and be part of this great program.

We do have many members who have upgraded by doing the Free Programs and have many uplines also doing the Free Programs to help their referrals generate enough membership fee to upgrade.

We understand many may feel reluctant to reveal the screenshot of the money they've received from the Free Programs but we're happy to announce that we have one level 4 upline willing to share his payout screenshot with the rest of us.

Even though this member is already at level 4 status, he's joined the #1 recommended Free Program and has earned over $200 from it and has just used this money to upgrade 8 of his referrals.

We have posted the cheque he has received in the Free Program section and all members are welcomed to go check it out. We also encourage all members who have earned from these Free Programs to share your payout screenshot with everyone else.

There are also 2 new Step-By-Step Reports available in the member area about credit based safelists and a good pre-written ads that you can use in your promotion.








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