"Updates - Mar.8.2011"

My Top Programs !


We have been busy for the past few months communicating with the level 4 - level 6 members trying to find out what new features they'd like to have.

And to our surprise, over 80% of them would like to see a list of the most popular, and reliable Money Making MLM Programs on the net.

It appears that while many members have no problem reaching the second matrix and be at the position to take their entire team out to join various online programs to earn passive residual income, many of them have no idea where to take their team to.

Either the programs they know disappeared quickly, or they simply can't maximize their earning potential from those programs. And none of them want to spend days or even weeks researching for the best programs to take their team to.

As a result, we have added a new feature to allow our Trial and level 1 - 3 members a chance to share their Top Money Making Programs with payout proof with the high level members.

And the best thing is, you're not limited to be selected by just one of the high level members. Your Top Program could be so attractive that many of the high level members have decided to take their team into your program !

So if you find building your own team takes too much effort, here is your chance to tap into other people's team!

To gain access to this page, simply go to "### Important Program Guide ###" section of the member area, and click on "My Top Programs".

If you have any ideas to make this program better for everyone, feel free to contact us.





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