"Updates - Mar.9.2010"

New Feature Available: Buy Refs


Over the past few years, many strong and active members have told us that they are unable to activate because of the restriction to tranfer funds from their country.

And although they are really strong players, they are unable to continue with the program.

In the mean time, we've also seen many activated members having a lot of trouble referring strong players into their team.

As a result, we've decided to bring these 2 groups of people together.

For all activated members, you'll now be able to see a new BuyRef link under Membership Status section. There will be a list of members with their activity status, number of personal referrals they have, and the number of contacts/interests they've received from other activated members.

You'll also be able to send message to them and communicate with them before you choose to benefactor their way into your team.

As for those strong players who've been able to lock in due to financial difficulties, you'll also be able to find the new link under Membership Status section where you can add yourself to the list to prove your worth to your potential new sponsors.

We're constantly changing this program to make it work for all types of members. If you have any good ideas that you'd like to see in this program, feel free to send an email to support@reality-networkers.com





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