"Updates - Mar.10.2006"

Celebrating 2 Year Anniversary


We celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary on Mar.7.2006 with over 480,000 members! That’s more than 100% increase in membership size from our First Year Anniversary !

Many new features, tools, benefits, and supports have been introduced during last year and we’re very happy to see many new members reaching the second matrix and earning a stable passive income with the team they’ve built.

However, we’re certainly not stopping there ! We’re still moving forward to have even better tools and resources so that more members can succeed online even faster!

We’re in constant communication with the high level members to discuss what obstacles they’ve encountered along the way and what we all can do as a team to help those who are still struggling. We’ve gathered a list of interesting ideas and will be seeing to implement these ideas for the coming months. If you also have some innovative marketing ideas that would help the team, feel free to send them to us. You will be greatly rewarded and will be invited to work with our team should we choose to use your idea.

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.







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