"Updates - Mar.3.2005"

Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary


We celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary on Mar.7.2005 with over 200,000 members!

Although we have been through some rough times during the past year, we are still proud to see that through our unique system, we’ve helped thousands of members achieve Financial Freedom!

This year we will be working closely with our Level 6 members to bring a lot of marketing tools and bonuses for our fellow members.

We understand that some of our level 1 ~ level 3 members do not have the time and the money to spend on building their team. As a result, a group of level 6 members have come together with an idea of Internal Safelist.

While building their teams, level 1 ~ level 3 members can now advertise other programs to the entire database to generate some income. If you have a really great program that catches one of our level 4 ~ level 6 member's attention, you can pretty much just sit back and watch the money flow in month after month !

We are currently testing the Internal Safelist. However, if you’d like to participate in it and would like to receive more information upon its launch, please login to the back office and subscribe yourself to the Internal Safelist.

We have also added a new Teaser Page and a report written by Raul Pais in the back office. All members are welcomed to check them out.

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.





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