"Updates - Apr.5.2013"

Hiring: Email Support Staff


As our member base grow to over 4 million, our email response time has been extended to 3 - 5 days and we would like to reduce it down to 1 - 3 days. Therefore, we will be hiring more email support staff to help handle the workload.

Basically you will be required to handle 50 - 150 emails per day, 5 days a week.

If you are interested, please email your experience and resume to gerardo@reality-networkers.com

Also, for those who are new to our quarterly campaign, 2013 Q1 campaign has ended already and all points are placed aside for the draw on Apr.15. As a result, the points has been reset to 0 and from Apr.1.2013 you will be earning points for the Q2 Campaign.





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