"Updates - Apr.11.2006"

More Free Programs Added


We have made some changes in the Free Program section and have a total of 11 new free programs for our members to earn their membership fee from.

If you’re currently short of funds and need something to earn your membership fee from, you might want to check out that section.

If you have some active referrals in your team who are struggling with the membership fee needed to reach the next level, you may want to take the chance to follow up on those people and invite them to check out the new Free Programs page.

If you know any good Free Programs that deserve to be placed on that list, please send the URL to freeprograms@reality-networkers.com . If we decide to place that program onto our list, we’ll use your referral URL so you can be credited for sharing this resource with the team.

We have also changed the script for the promotion status report. Those that use it regularly will find that it is running a lot faster than before.
If you have other questions, comments or ideas that we can implement on our site to benefit the entire membership, feel free to let us know.







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