"Updates - Apr.11.2007"


Campaign 2007 !


To celebrate reaching over 1 Million memberships , we have decided to setup the first campaign for 2007.

This year, we have alot more high level member and all of them are earning alot more by taking their teams to join various programs online. As a result, we have received a little over $100,000 in donation towards the campaign and the special team competition.


All members in the first matrix ( Trial, New, Level 1 ~ Level 3 ) are automatically enrolled in this campaign. And just the same as last time, the sponsor of the winning member can win 50% of the cash prize of all their referrals that have been drawn as winners.

The campaign will run from Apr.11 to Mar.31. We will be picking 100 winners on June.15 to win cash prizes from $200 ~ $6,000. For a complete detail of the Campaign, please refer to the Campaign Detail page located in the member page.

Special Team Competition:

We've also been working with the level 5 and level 6 members to come up with this special team competition this year.

Basically, you'll be competing with your sidelines under the same team. The first 100 ~ 400 members to reach the next level will earn from 3x ~ 5x the level commission.

The rules and the numbers will be slightly different for different team. You will be contacted by your level 4 upline soon with a detailed instruction.







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