"Updates - Apr.14.2009"

New Referral Contest Verification System


We have upgraded the Referral Contest Verification System! All level 5 and level 6 members who are participating in this for their team can now verify all contest entries better than before!

We also highly recommend the members to finalize the result before the end of Monday at the latest as your team members are always eager to see the result early on Monday.

The marketing team has been struggling with new teaser ideas and they need your help!

They are willing to award you with $50 Cash Prize for any new teaser page submitted to them that has been accepted for use. And there are no limit on how many new teaser pages that you can submit to them!

All Teaser Page Idea Submitted must include the following:

- A Title
- A complete, properly formatted content ( without the form )

You can save this in either Word file or HTML file.

Please submit all entry to:


and Mark this email with the subject "New Teaser Idea"








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