"Updates - May.4.2010"

Claim your 2010 Q1 Prizes !


Are you a campaign winner ? Make sure you check out the 2010 Q1 result to see if your RN ID is listed there ! Better yet, email all of your referrals and team members and ask them to login to check too. We still have 45% of unclaimed prizes!

We have also added 5 new Step by Step Reports. That makes it 70 PROVEN STRATEGIES that REAL PEOPLE are using to get ACTUAL RESULT on the internet.

We'd like to encourage all members to use this chance to follow up on all of your personal referrals and invite them to check out the reports and continue to build the team together.

If any of you have any comments, or anything you'd like to see us to add to the member page for this new year, feel free to send an email to admin@reality-networkers.com





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