"Updates - May.12.2006"

Mid-Year Campaign


As promised in January, we’ll be having another campaign to help boost up everyone’s team activity !

We’re happy to announce that we have received a total of $70,000 in donation from our level 4 ~ level 6 members towards this campaign.

This campaign will work very similar to the Special Christmas Campaign. We’ll divide $50,000 into 4 groups: Trial/Free Members, Level 1 Members, Level 2 Members, and Level 3 Members. Therefore, you’ll only be competing with other members in the same membership level.

This year, level 4 ~ level 6 members can also participate in the campaign for a cash prize of $20,000. Unlike our trial ~ level 3 members, level 4 ~ level 6 members can only earn points when their direct members upgrade from their existing level to the next. For example, for a level 5 member to earn points towards the draw, this member has to help his direct level 4 members to reach level 5 status. So we’ll be expecting a lot of activities and direct supports from the higher level members to their team members in the first matrix.

For a complete instruction for your membership level, please refer to the Campaign Detail page located in the member page







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