"Updates - May.16.2008"

Safelist/Traffic Exchange Directory


We have made some changes to both our Safelist and Traffic Exchange Directories that's going to help all members to better promote their referral url.

We understand that there are many small safelists and traffic exchanges tend to go out of service soon. Therefore, we've now added a "REPORT" link in both the safelist and traffic exchange directory that our members can use to submit any dead/inactive/non-existant safelists and traffic exchange to us so we can remove them from the directory.

We also added a new link to encourage all members to submit any new safelists and traffic exchanges to us.

Both new safelists and traffic exchanges submitted to us can have paid option but MUST also have free options.

We will use the referral url of the person who submitted the new safelists/traffic exchanges to us in our directory so if you have anything good that's not already on our list, please send it our way right away!







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