"Updates - June.2.2008"

Report on another 5 new Free Programs


Close to 2 Million members have been testing the 5 new Free Programs for the past few months and here are the result, ranking from the easiest to hardest to get high payout in the last few months:

#1: Clixsense

#2: Yuwie

#3: Wordlinx

#4: xclix

#5: 10bux

And 2 all time favorites from previous Free Programs as voted by close to 2Million members are still:

#1: Hits4pay

#2: Dealsncash

Many of the members are making an average of over $300 per month doing all 12 Free Programs and have been using the money to assist their downline to upgrade. For a complete list of the free programs, please go to the Free Program Section from your Member Menu.

If you still haven't join these free programs yet, make sure you do so right away!







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