"Updates - June.4.2007"


Introducing - Success Wizard!


We've been communicating with the level 6 members on ways to help our members build more efficiently and we've found out that there are lots of people who've joined but don't have a clue what this whole thing is about and/or have no idea where to start.

Therefore, one of the level 6 members, Josephine Barrett, has created Success Wizard, outlining steps every member should follow to build a successful team.

The Success Wizard will be loaded once automatically for all existing members who have not read it yet and for all new members. It can also be accessed from the member menu to the left when you log in. It's in bold red so you can't miss it.

We would like to thank Josephine once again for making the Success Wizard.

If you have any good ideas that can help the members build, feel free to send it to us.







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