"Updates - June.8.2009"

Payout Increase + Updates on Marketing Material


As of today, we have a total of 1343 new Safelist Programs and 372 new Traffic Echange Programs added to our directories.

We highly recommend all members to join as many of them as possible to get more active networkers into your team.

If you're unsure how to use these type of programs, please refer to the Step by Step Report section for guidance.

Starting this week's referral contest, for all level 5+6 member who are offering the Referral Contest for their team, we will now donate 50% to all of your cash prizes. That means if you're giving away $200 for your first prize winner, we will give you an additional $100 to be awarded to the first prize winner in your team.

The Referral Contest has helped many team to grow at a faster rate and we encourage all level 5+6 members to start offering this for your own team members to build.





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