"Updates - June.15.2007"

Campaign Draw Result


This is a short update to inform you that the draw result for the Campaign 2007 has been completed. All Winners and their sponsors will receive an email from us with instructions to withdraw your cash prizes. If you would prefer to use the prize to upgrade any of your referrals, please let Gerardo know.

We're seeing alot of participations from the new members. It's a great thing to see that more and more members are becoming more active and communicative with their sponsors and referrals to make this work for them.

If you're not a winner or if you've missed your chance to participate in this campaign, don't worry. The next campaign will have a variation to it that will benefit all existing and new members who have worked really hard to refer and to upgrade to higher levels. So just keep working on your team building. You will be handsomely rewarded for your effort







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