"Updates - June.29.2005"

More Feature added for active members


We have added more features in the back office for our active members to more effectively manage their team.

All level 4 ~ level 6 members should notice a new Team Stats link under Membership Status. This new page will show you how your team is doing as a whole, as well as the weak lines you have in the team that you should put your focuses on. We would like to ask all level 4 and above members to keep a close watch on your weak lines as we will soon enforce a strict rule for all level 4 and above members to maintain a certain activity rate on all of their lines.

We have also upgraded the existing feature for level 2 ~ level 3 members to assign their extra referrals into their downline’s team. Members can now see their individual downline’s activity such as last log in date to make a better decision as to whom they should assign the extra referrals to. This will eliminate the problem with assigning support to inactive downline members.

Donald is also negotiating with the CEO of a marketing program to bring more marketing resources into our group that can benefit all members, especially our trial and level 1 members.

Please stay tuned for more good news in a few week.





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