"Updates - May.12.2006"

Mid-Year Campaign Update


We're very happy to see so many people participating in this year's campaign. The activity ratio has increased dramatically and the best thing is, we have thousands of people completing the first matrix and been upgraded to the second matrix. This means since we have more high level members generating a passive, residual income from the team they've built, we will be getting a lot more donations from the high level members towards the next campaign.

We only have 1 campaign last year but we're expecting to have 2 ~ 3 campaigns this year. Our goal is to have a campaign every month with more and bigger campaign prizes! Looking at the growth of our group, we expect this day to come very soon.

We will be drawing the winners on July.15.2006. The result will be posted in the back office and all winners will also be contacted by Gerardo with instructions to withdraw the prizes.

If you're not a winner or if you've missed your chance to participate in this campaign, don't worry. The next campaign will have a variation to it that will benefit all existing and new members who have worked really hard to refer and to upgrade to higher levels. So just keep working on your team building. You will be handsomely rewarded for your effort







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