"Updates - July.8.2011"

Reminder: Q3 Campaign has started + Contest Winning Proof post deadline is July.15.


For those who are wondering why their Campaign Points are all gone, it's simply because Q2 is now over and we have saved your Q2 points for the draw on July.15. Q3 has now started and we encourage all team leaders to work with your Referrals and work on a plan for the Q3 Campaign.

For all level 5+6 members offering the Referral Contests, the deadline to start posting Contest Winning Screenshot Proof is July.15. Because there are too many requests asking to see the payout proof so now we require all teams doing the contest must have a link up showing the proof. If you haven't asked your winning downlines for one, please do so as soon as possible.

For level 4+ members, we have also made some changes to the Top Program list located in your member area. Right now it'll be easier to sort through to find the most recent added program, most popular programs, and programs with the highest payout screenshot proof. If you don't know where to take your team to, you can start from that Top Program List.





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