"Updates - July.15.2009"

Free Program List Update


We have updated our Free Program List and removed those that do not payout anymore. We've also added 3 new Free Programs. All members are welcome to try the 3 new programs out.

At this time, we're also looking for credit card affiliate programs. We understand many credit card affiliate programs pays out $40+ per approved card which will give all members an easy way to get their membership fee.

If you know any good, reliable, paying Credit Card Affiliate Programs, please use the form below to submit the info to us:


If we decide to use the program recommended by you, your affiliate url will be used for all RN members to sign up.

We do require the Credit Card Affiliate Program must accept at least both USA/Canadian members and is offering both USA/Canada Credit Cards.

For all other Countries, it is fine for the program to accept members from that particular country and only offer credit cards from that country.





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