"Updates - July.19.2007"


Summer Campaign with a twist!


Summer is upon us again and this year, we'll have a different take on the campaign. That's right, not only are we rewarding members who can show great result, we'll also be rewarding those who've put in their hearts and souls into the building of their team even if their effort did not yield any result!

Summer 2007 Campaign will have 3 parts - Activity , Team Building, and Personal Production.

We will be drawing 100 winners from each part. Cash prizes range from $200 ~ $6000, for a total of $74,200 cash payout for each part. That's a combined cash payout of $222,600 for all 3 parts!

We'd like to show our appreciation to all level 5 and level 6 members who've been very generous in donating their earnings for this campaign.

We'd also like to remind every member again that it is not a competition where the person with the most points win. This is draw where everyone has a chance to win, even if you have just 1 point. However, the more draw points you have, the higher chances you'll win the prize!








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