"Updates - Aug.12.2008"

9 New Step By Step Reports Added!


We have added 9 new step by step reports from the RN Members who have been doing a great job referring new people in.

Here's a list of 9 new reports:

Report 32 Banner Rotator
Report 33 36 Signups in 14 Days
Report 34 Safelist / Capture Page / Autoresponders
Report 35 Success at $0 cost
Report 37 What's working for me - Safelist Advertising
Report 38 Small is best!
Report 39 8 Simple Steps to Success !
Report 40 Only 1 way to get referrals!

You may access them from the link "Must Read: Step by Step guide to complete your first task " under "Promotion Guide/Tools" category.

We have also place Bux.To back as one of the Free Money Making Programs.

We have previous removed them due to the delayed payout. However, recently we have been informed by many members that they've been receiving payouts from Bux.To again. Therefore, we have put them back in the list.

If you haven't joined them yet, you can do so now:

Join Bux.To

Just a reminder again, Reality-Networkers is not about joining and making money from these Pay-To-Click programs.

We only offer these programs to help those members who doesn't have the money to start their RN membership, or are in a country where they cannot make online transactions.

If you have any referrals fall into this category, you can invite them to try out the Free Money Making Programs so they get a chance to stay under your RN Team.

If you have other great Free Money Making Programs that you'd like to share with the rest of the team, please submit them to submitfp@reality-networkers.com .

Should your program gets approved, we will post it up using your referral url and let it be seen by over 1.9 Million RN Members.





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