"Updates - Aug.16.2010"

Changes to the Referral Contest


This will be a short update to inform all members the changes made to the referral contest.

To make this contest fair for everyone and to eliminate cheaters, we have added a few enhancement:

1) We will now be sending a validation email to all new sign ups. The sign ups that clicks on their validation link will give their sponsor an extra point towards the referral contest.

For example, when if someone referred 100 referrals and none of them validated their email address, the person will have 100 points for the referral contest.

However, if you have only referred 51 referrals, but all of them have validated their email address, then you will have 102 points for the referral contest and beat that person.

2) At the end of each referral contest period, a support staff will manually check the sign ups for that week and remove any new sign ups with un-reachable contact info, duplicate entry, same IP address, or highly similar/suspicious IP addresses. So members may see a drop in their referral contest points. We highly recommend all members to view their contest details to get a better idea on how many points they can honestly expect at the end of the contest period so there won't be any surprises as we won't just look at how many names that signs up through your link.

If you feel there are other ways to make this contest even better or more fair, feel free to drop us an email and we'll do our best to implement it for everyone's benefit.





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