"Updates - Sept.2.2005"

New Feature: Adopt a Member


If you're a supportive sponsor but have no luck getting sign ups, here's your chance to adopt an eager member into your team !

Many time we've seen some really active members eager to become successful in the program but their sponsors just aren't there to offer any assistance and won’t reply to any messages sent to them.

In order to help these eager members who are lost with an inactive sponsor, we've added a new feature to help out these members.

From today, all new messages sent to the sponsors will be placed into "Adopt a member" section if it’s been un-answered for more than 5 days. All members can respond to the messages listed in "Adopt a member" section to help these lost members. If you did a good job, they just might request to be re-assigned into your team !

We have also added 3 more Step by Step Reports with one being a support message that members can use to encourage activities in the team. This will be very helpful to those who are having a tough time motivating the team so please take some time to read the 3 new reports.






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