"Updates - Sept.16.2006"

Server has been restored


As many of you have noticed, our server was down from Sept.3 ~ Sept.16. Many members have informed us that there was a group of hackers attacking many online businesses, security sites, and hosting providers lately and our server was among one of them. The attack was so harsh that many online businesses had to shut down.

Our technicians tried to fixed the problems in the first few days but had failed because the scope of the damage is simply too great. Therefore, we have decided to purchase a new server and install new software on it.

We understand it is scary to see a website go down and we’d like to assure all of you through this experience that Reality-Networkers is here to stay. We could have taken the easy road and shut down the website like many other businesses have done but we chose to absorb thousands of dollars in loss in order to get the site back up. We’re also not a MLM program out to scam you and disappear the next day. We are a community aimed to gather all Active Networkers to share success methods, strategies, and knowledge and to enter various online programs for the benefit of everyone.

If you have read all the past updates, you will see that we’ve encountered many problems in the last 2.5 years but we’ve overcome them all each time.

We’d like to thank all senior members who continue to show support and belief in us to communicate and calm their teams. We’d like to ask everyone to bear with us over the next few days as we get everything back in order.

1) If you are a trial members, we have changed your sign up date to compensate for the loss trial days.

2) If you have an active banner in the Hot Program section as of Sept.3, you’ll be given a 14-day ad credit, regardless of how many days you have left for your banner advertisement prior to the server downtime.

To obtain your 14-day ad credit, please send the following info to admin@reality-networkers.com with the subject line “Ad Credit Request”:

Order #
Paypal Email Address

3) If you have an unanswered email before Sept.16, please send them again. If your questions are not too urgent, we’d appreciate it if you can direct them to your sponsor/upline first, or wait around 4 ~ 5 days before sending it to us. Since we have over 600,000 members, we expect to receive a lot of urgent emails over the next few days so we want our support staffs to focus on fixing those accounts first.

4) We understand the server downtime has affected many of our member’s promotion. To compensate for the slow down in your team’s performance, we’ll be working with the high level members to setup a campaign to boost up your team’s activity. We’ll post the details up shortly.

Once again, we apologize for all the troubles this unexpected attack has caused everyone and we thank you for your understanding and patience in allowing us more time to get everything back to normal.







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