"Updates - Sept.15.2007"

80% Activity Boost!

Congratulations Everyone !

The special summer campaign was a big success with over 80% increase in overall activity rate! There is also a huge 50% increase in the number of people moving into the second matrix!

It appears this new campaign style is working very well for most members here so this is what we will do from here on. We'll also be finalizing all the terms with the high level members to make these quarterly campaigns a permanent bonus for all members. Please stay tuned for more details.

We've already drawn 300 winners for this summer campaign and an email instruction has been sent to all winners with regard to claiming your cash prizes.

We would like to ask all winners, especially the first prize winners, to get a screenshot of the cash prizes you've received and submit it to us. You may cross out your account number if you don't want anyone to try to hack into your account and steal the money.

As we're closing in to 1,500,000 memberships, it's starting to get harder to reply to all the emails from the members in a timly manner. So if you're at least a level 2 member, knows how the program works, and have no problem handling 300 - 600 emails on a daily basis, we welcome you to join our support team.

If you're interested, please email your resume to humanresource@reality-networkers.com . Due to the number of applications we will be getting, please understand that we may not be able to respond to everyone that submit their resume to us. Only those that have been selected will be notified. But we'd still like to thank everyone in advance and will definetely contact you again when we need more people to handle the workload.







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