"Updates - Sept.22.2008"

Closing Date for Q3 Campaign


The closing date for Q3 campaign is set at the end of Sept.30.2008. All campaign draw points obtained after that will go towards the Q4 campaign. The drawing date for Q3 campaign is set on Oct.15.

Mini-Draw for Q3 has also stopped. So all members can focus on getting as many points as you can during the last week for Q3 campaign.

Currently, Part IV has the least number of people participating so it'll be a great part to focus your effort on for higher chances to get the winning prize.

Regarding all emails sent to our support staff, please remember not to leave the subject line blank as the system will filter it out as spams. And please include your UserID in all of your emails so our support staff can locate your account and assist you with your inquiry faster.





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