"Updates - Sept.29.2006"

Special Campaign Detail


Due to the Server downtime, a lot of member's activity and growth has slowed down. Therefore, we've been working with the high level members to come up with a new campaign to help everyone to boost their team's activity. We have received a total of $50,000 in donation from the high level members in a little less than 2 weeks time. We're very happy to see that our high level members have been very supportive of us during this time of need and we will continue to make this program work for everyone here.

After some discussion, we've decided that this campaign will be different than the others. Instead of separating into 4 groups, there’ll only be 1 group - Free/Trial members. All level 1 members with a RefID >= 600,000 will also be included in this group.

We will be drawing 50 winners from the group to win cash prizes from $100 ~ $10,000. The sponsor of the winner can also take home 50% of the cash prize. So if one of your referrals win the first prize, he'll take home $10,000 and you'll take home $5,000. You will not be sharing the cash prize with your referral. If you have more than one referral winning the cash prizes, you'll be eligible to earn that 50% cash prize from every one of them.

So if you're not in the campaign group, make sure you refer lots and help every single one of your referrals to build!

For a complete detail for this special campaign, please refer to the Campaign Detail page located in the member page





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