"Updates - Oct.4.2010"

Campaign/Contest Payout Increase


As more and more members are getting paid, we've been receiving alot more Donation then before and therefore have increased our campaign payout at least another 20% !

This new payout will apply to the new Campaign #4 and all future campaigns. Campaign #3 has closed on Sept.30 and all the points are stored in our database for verification and the draw will commence on Oct.15.2010.

We've also made several improvements throughout the site to help members to get better idea on their team building and referral contests.

Quite a few uplines have also increased their Referral Contest payouts. To see if your upline is one of them, do check out the Referral Contest Payout table when you get the chance.

And if you have any ideas/improvements that you'd like to see on the site, feel free to contact us at anytime.

Best Regards,








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