"Updates - Oct.7.2005"

Your recommendation is needed


We have put out a survey to our level 4+ members for the past month and we've found out that a common problem many of our uplines are facing is that they have many hard working, active downline who just don't have the necessary fund to lock in their position.

After talking with several members, we've decided to look for some programs for these members to earn their membership fee and we’d like to ask for your help if you know any good programs. It can be programs like Paid to Read, Paid per Click..etc and it MUST be free to join.

Since most of these programs require a lot of time to be invested, it is important that these programs have a long paying record so that our members won't waste so much time on them. Therefore, we'd like to ask you to submit a scanned copy of the cheque you’ve received, or a screenshot of the payment that you've received online along with the program url and your referral url.

Once your recommended program has been accepted, we will be using your referral url to invite those who are short of fund so that you can be credited for your effort.

With over 400,000 members, we're expecting to receive a lot of duplicate programs. So if you've already got something that works for you, remember to send it to us right away at freeprograms@reality-networkers.com

We have also added 3 more reports showing you how easy it is to refer with free tools. If you’re not having much luck with your promotion campaign lately, it is highly recommended that you check them out.






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