"Updates - Oct.10"

New Communication System a SUCCESS !!


With the new communication system in place, the spam complaints from mentors/referrers to their team members have decreased dramatically!

In addition, the team members are now able to communicate better with each other are building a better and stronger team together!

Congratulations Team Leaders !

Remember, the key to succeed in this business is to communicate with your team members.

With over 100,000 members in the database, it is impossible for Gerardo and Donald to respond to every inquires in a timely manner and we’d like to ask all team leaders to continue assisting and communicating with your team members.

Our out-going email server was crashed several days ago. While we are still able to receive the emails, we were unable to send our replies via our primary email server and had to resort to our secondary email server. We have confirmed that most of our members can receive our emails without any problem. However, it is still possible that some members cannot. So if you have sent us an email and did not receive a reply, please forward them to us again.

We have also added another report written by Bjoern E. Kristiansen showing you how he complete his first task by using iPostAd and AdTactic. Members are welcomed to check it out in the member’s area

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.






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