"Updates - Oct.23.2007"

Teaser #12 is ready

We would like to thank Frank Walker for making this new teaser #12 for all members to use. We know there're many leaders out there with their own special teasers for their teams and we would really appreciate it if they are willing to share it with the entire membership as well.

We have hired and trained 50 new support staff to handle the emails and will not be accepting anymore applications at this time. We expect the addition of 50 more support staffs will help getting the emails replied alot faster.

We would also like to take this chance to ask all members to include your UserID in ALL emails you sent to the support staffs because with over 1.5 Million members, it is sometimes really hard for them to locate your membership detail based on your name and email address alone.

Thank you all for your co-operation and we'll continue to add more values and tools to help everyone build an active team.





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