"Updates - Nov.8.2009"

Q3 Campaign Result is available


It has come to our attention that the campaign result page was not accessible by some of our members. We have since then get our programmers to fix the problem and now the page should be accessible by all members.

If you haven't had the chance to see the page yet, please do so now and submit your paypal or alertpay details to us if you're a winner so we can remit the prize to you.

Also, we've noticed alot of members making multiple 'fake' accounts trying to win the referral contest. We'd like to let all existing and new members know that we have many verification system setup to catch these fake accounts and sponsor of those fake accounts are automatically out of that week's referral contest.

There are many members working really hard every week for the referral contest and we'll do everything we can to protect those members' hard work.

Finally, we're currently looking for feedbacks from members who've used the loan program to activate their membership fee. Every qualified feedbacks will be eligible for a free activated members from the member's level 6 upline. You may submit the feedbacks to support@reality-networkers.com





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