"Updates - Nov.11.2008"

New Payment Processor - AlertPay - added.


The online processing system - Web Solution - that we're using has recently added AlertPay to their payment processor list.

This means we will now be able to accept AlertPay payments. If you and your team members are not able to use credit cards, they can now use AlertPay and fund their account using wire transfer, bank transfer, cheque or money order.

We have also added many pre-written headlines/ads as well as new banners. All members are recommended to go take a look and start using the new marketing materials. All those who've sent us those headlines/ads and new banners have been awarded the extra campaign points.

If any members have new marketing materials such as new Pre-written headlines/ads, banners, or even a new teaser page, feel free to submit them to us to earn extra campaign points.








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