"Updates - Nov.15.2006"

Special Campaign Draw Result


This is a short update to inform you that the draw result for the Speicla Campaign has been completed.

After some analysis, we've found that this special campaign has generated 80% more activities than the previous campaigns. Even though level 2+ members are not able to enroll in the campaign, the special bonus of earning half of the prize of the draw winners that are their referrals also created a lot more sponsor support.

We are very happy to see alot of communications, support, and activities through this special campaign and we will most likely use this type of campaign style for our future campaigns.

If you're not a winner or if you've missed your chance to participate in this campaign, don't worry. The next campaign will have a variation to it that will benefit all existing and new members who have worked really hard to refer and to upgrade to higher levels. So just keep working on your team building. You will be handsomely rewarded for your effort







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