"Updates - Nov.26.2007"

Seasons Greeting


It's one of those year's slow period again. And this time, we have another Christmas Campaign to help boost up the team activities.

This campaign will be just like the Summer Campaign with 3 parts - Activity , Team Building, and Personal Production.

For Personal Production part, we've added a new award system - the Free Programs simply because over 80% of 'no-money' members were able to upgrade because of it. Therefore, we highly recommend everyone, even those who have already activated to also use it to help the team.

We will be drawing 100 winners from each part. Cash prizes range from $200 ~ $6000, for a total of $74,200 cash payout for each part. That's a combined cash payout of $222,600 for all 3 parts!

We wish everyone luck on the new Christmas Campaign

and last but not least,

we wish everyone a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year !





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