"Updates - Feb.25"

New Feature added: Step by Step Report to refer 5 people within 14 days using only 20 safelists


A new feature is added in the member’s area.

If you do not have the budget for a paid advertisement, and does not really have the time or the money to promote, you have to check out this report!

It is written by Norman Buske, a member of the Reality-Networkers. He’s going to show you exactly how you can refer your first 5 people in just 14 days using only 20 safelists and spending only 5 min a day.

In the report, he’ll show you exactly which headlines/ads and teaser pages that he’s using. He has also included the 20 safelists he posted to so you can simply copy his method and start getting your 5 referrals!

If you have not completed your first task of referring 5 people, remember to log into the member’s area to check out the report right away.

Many of you have also been getting some spillovers from your uplines within 5 ~ 7 days of signing up to Reality-Networkers. Please note that even when your first level commission is reserved for you, you’re still required to complete your first task to be eligible for the commission.

If Norman Buske and his own referrals can use the same method to refer only 5 people in 14 days, there’s no way that you and your referrals can’t do it using the exact same method!

Norman Buske has also included his own contact info in the report. All members are welcomed to contact him for support and guidance.






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