"Updates - Mar.1"

Activity rate has been increased by 5% in as little as 1 month!


Reality-Networkers is scheduled to launch in 10 days!!

During the month of pre-launch, we have grown to 2000+ members and our Forced Team Support and Forced Referring System is starting to show great results by reducing the inactivity rate from 95% to 90%!!

Yes! That means with our system, the number of active marketers has increased 5% in as little as 1 month! I'm sure many of you are seeing this already as there have been a lot of spillovers from your uplines as well as the building of your own matrix from your downlines.

Already, a lot of members' matrices are building rapidly even though they have not even started referring yet!

And will those people start referring any time soon?

Of course!! If they already have hundreds of even thousands of dollars sitting in the account waiting for them to complete their first task, do you think they'd say no to that money?

No way!

Soon enough, they'll start contacting their mentors and really start reading the step by step report to complete their first task of referring only 5 people in as little as 14 days.

We're very happy to see such great result during only the pre-launch stage and we'll be expecting to generate even more active marketers with our unique system.

Expect another update soon with more information regarding the launch.

If you have not started referring yet, remember to check out the step by step report to complete your first task in 14 days using only 20 safelists. You're also welcomed to contact your own referrer or mentors for assistance.

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.





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