"Updates - Mar.12"

Upgrade Process


The upgrading process is taking longer than we have expected. It seems a lot of members are still in the process of funding their IntGold account. Therefore, we’re going to extend the upgrade process before we compress out the non-upgraded members.

We’ve also been informed that a number of people did not receive their link to upgrade. So if you have referred someone, please send them an email and inform them of the upgrade options.

For those members who have been in the program for more than 14 days, it is to choose your upgrade option. The free members are still welcomed to try out our unique system and watch the matrix grow.

For those people who are due to upgrade and wish to keep their existing downline but are concerned about completing the first task of referring 5 people, worry no more!!

We have a special team ready to make your promotion effort a lot easier and simpler.

As you probably know already from the 2 reports in the member’s area, Norman has referred his 5 in 14 days using only 20 safelists. Scott has referred his 5 in 2 days using only 43 safelists.

Now, our special team, lead by Gerardo, is going subscribe to all those safelists for you using our own email addresses – so you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding and subscribing to those more responsive safelists. They are also going to put all those safelists into a safelist organizer for you and regularly provide you with the newest and the most responsive headlines/ads to use.

So basically, all you have to do is log into the safelists, copy and paste the ads and post.

It’s as simple as that.

Gerardo and his team have already setup such safelists organizer for hundreds of members and they’re going to help you and your downlines as well. As you can see, very soon there’ll be more and more active members to help you build your matrix!

To contact Gerardo right away to confirm your intention to keep your existing downline and to have Gerardo’s team setup the safelist organizer for you, please send an email to:


If you are not due to upgrade yet, but would already like to have your own safelist organizer setup so you can start promoting, you’re welcomed to request one from Gerardo as well.

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.





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