"Updates - Mar.18"

6000+ Members in less than 2 months!!


Reality-Networkers is on FIRE!!! We’ve grown to over 6000 members in less than 2 months!

Great job everyone!!

It seems our unique Forced Team Support / Forced Referring System are working smoothly. In fact, our most recent active rate has increased another 3%! I’m sure many of the members are able to see this effect happening in their own downline.

Several members were also very lucky to have a couple super active promoters in the team doing over 50+ referrals a day !!


Regarding the IntGold Account Funding, it seems a lot of member who are using Gold-Traders to fund their accounts have been experiencing a delay.

Therefore, we’d like to ask those members who have already had their accounts funded to please let us know the service you’re using, and the time it takes to fund the account. We’d like to setup a report as a reference for our members to decide which funding company to use.


On a separate matter, we’ve added new safelists/pre-written ads as well as a new teaser page. They can be found in the member’s area. Please use them well.

We’d also like to thank Jean Hubbard for sharing his method to complete his first task of referring 5 people. Members are welcomed to access his detailed report from the member’s area.

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.





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