"Updates - Mar.30"

Free referrals for those who responded


Great news everyone !!

Our Promotion Tools Tester Team is offering a special deal to our members. They are going to give the sign ups generated from the testing to you on one condition – You agree to use a portion of your future earning to benefactor a certain number of people into the team.

For example, if you are given 1 referral, you’ll be required to benefactor 1 person into the team in the future. If you are given 2, then you’ll have to benefactor 2 people, up to a total of 5 people.

Those who are interested to receive free referrals, please contact Donald Trotman from the PTT Team at donaldtrotman@reality-networkers.com

Please also remind your referrals/downlines to check their email for this updates so they don't miss this special offer!


Regarding the payment methods, due to popular demands, we are going to accept Paypal as another payment method.

Please note that we do not encourage using Paypal because of their constant
freezing of member's account. However, if you find it too troublesome to
fund your IntGold Account, then you can use Paypal as an alternative

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.





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