"Updates - May.17"

Members can start taking their matrix to join the desired programs


Our special team is ready to take over the communication and the management to have your entire matrix to join any programs you desire. Qualified members must have a minimum of 5x3 upgraded downlines.

At this time, we will have to limit the request to 1 program per month per qualified member. We will not be having our own recommended programs to join at this time as well. If you have any question regarding this process, please consult the team leader, Richard Gomes at richardgomes@reality-networkers.com

We have added a new report written by Glenn Hanson and a new teaser page #6 composed by Samantha Loomis. There are also some new headlines and ads to use with the new teaser pages. Members are welcomed to use them at any time.

On a side note, Donald from PTT Team has requested our members to send him more marketing programs to try out. He’s looking for more safelist submitters, Opt-in Leads, web-based submitters, and others. If you know any good marketing program, please contact Donald at donaldtrotman@reality-networkers.com

Please note that any programs tested to have 0 response will not be posted online anymore as there are too many. The programs that do produce result will be posted in the members area with the referring member’s link.

As a bonus, 50% of the sign up generated from the testing will be given to the referrer’s downline. Donald will contact those members to place the sign ups under the downlines they desire.

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.





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