"Updates - Sept.1"

New Communication System Added !!


We have implemented a new communication system.

Members can now communicate with their mentors easier than before!

We have formed a new group of mentors who have been with Reality-Networkers for more than 6 months. They understand the program from inside out and are fully qualified to assist you to succeed. You can access this form via the “Contact Personal Mentors” link in the member’s area.

Because there has been too many complaints regarding members receiving ads rather than supports from their referrer and uplines, we have now removed all email addresses in the referral and task link.

Members will now be required to communicate with their team via a communication form. Any type of advertisement sent via this form will be filtered out by the system. Therefore, members no longer need to worry about receiving ads/spasm from their referrer/upline.

For those members who have inactive/non-responsive downline in their first level that they wish to switch with their other referrals, we have also added a new feature for you to make the changes directly from your member’s area. This new feature can be found in the “Your Current Task” link and will only be activated when members have referred a minimum of 5 people.

A new teaser page #8 is also available. Members are welcomed to use it for their promotion campaign.

On a side note, the unlimited email account from yourbizhelp.com Gerardo is using for the Safelist Organizer is currently having some trouble. It is possible that for some of you, the validation link never arrived for Gerardo to validate them. In this case, we’d like to ask all members who are having trouble with the Safelist Organizer to keep on re-sending the validation email. In the mean time, Gerardo will continue to communicate with yourbizhelp.com to resolve this problem.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have other questions or comments, feel free to let us know.






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